Business Update:  We have moved out of our west Eugene location and are presently not producing crickets for sale.  Only limited supplies of Cinnamon Sugar crickets remain.  Please accept our apologies as we work through this transition.  During this period, we will continue to offer cricket classes and will be producing a growing body of farming resources.

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Building a movement to change America's protein

Craft Crickets is the first licensed cricket farm in Oregon, offering free farming resources and advocating on behalf of the Backyard Cricket Farming movement.

Free education
To build any sort of movement, we can't be the only ones.  Hence, we offer free classes at our farm and provide free online resources.  

Crickets for sale
At Craft Crickets, we take pride in our small batch--uniquely Pacific Northwest crickets--creating a truly craft and truly nutritious product. 

The Cricket Cookbook

We recently published a complete guide to adding this sustainable protein to your diet.