A cricket enjoying a local, Eugene apple.

Please be aware that crickets may cause shellfish allergies.

Social crickets

Our farm exclusively raises the tropical house cricket, Gryllodes sigillatus, one of two varieties approved for human consumption in Oregon.

Raised on a combination of organic, non-GMO feed and organic fruits and vegetables, it is true that at Craft Crickets, our crickets eat better than we do.  Their feed is primarily based on organic corn, organic soybean meal, and organic wheat middlings; however, they prefer eating in-season fruits and particularly love Oregonian filberts.  We are constantly working to make a larger and larger share of their diet come from local, nutritious food by-products and have tested with excess fruit from area orchards and spent grain from Eugene-based craft breweries. 

Our crickets are reared in a balmy, climate control facility--just as they like it--in urban Eugene, Oregon.    Our crickets thrive in our cozy facility, located behind a Burger King, proving crickets can comfortably thrive in any number of settings: urban or rural, residential or industrial, tropical or arctic (though they prefer tropical).

During their eight week lifespan, the crickets enjoy listening to University of Oregon campus radio (88.1 FM) and are rumored to throw large parties after we go home for the evening.

The crickets are harvested by being placed in a freezer where their body temperatures lower, causing them to fall into a hibernation-like sleep, and then die.

About the Crickets