Eggs Hatched

It took 21 days, but the eggs started to hatch today.  They have hatched with minimal input.  Only one time over the last 21 days did I moisten the peat moss substrate as the peat moss remained moist underneath the plastic sheeting I placed on top of it.

​In the 21 days I had to remove mold from the substrate one time, the same time I remoistened the peat moss.  Today when the babies started to hatch, there was a fair amount of mold that had reformed. I imagine this has negatively impacted the hatching of at least some eggs.

In total I probably spent about two minutes over the past 21 days maintaining the incubating eggs.  I didn't have to provide any humidity to the backyard farm, and I provided no additional heat asides from the heat that was given off by the heat lamp heating my adult crickets.  These could have incubated in as little as 9 days by maintaining the exact right inputs, but for a quick and cheap method, I am happy with 21 days.

 13 December 2017

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This green mold formed throughout my substrate.  It probably would have been worth a few extra minutes over the past three weeks to remove this mold.

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