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Crickets may cause crustacean shellfish allergies.  People with shellfish allergies are at a high risk when eating crickets.  Additionally, our crickets are processed in a facility that may also process peanuts and tree nuts.


Currently, we are offering ready-to-eat dried crickets (gryllodes sigillatus) in either large (4 oz), medium (2 oz), or small (1 oz) bags.  For bulk orders of dried crickets, please contact us directly.

The natural crickets are great to eat as-is (flavored only by their diet) or paired with your favorite foods (either whole or milled) to add a protein kick [see nutrition facts].  Check out some food ideas if you need some suggestions.


These crickets are grown and processed in Eugene, Oregon.  The operation is licensed by the Department of Agriculture for human consumption.

At this time, we regrettably cannot fulfill orders outside of the United States.  We appreciate your patience as we build the capability to support international orders.

1 lbs - 10 lbs

2 oz
(56 g)

Eat plain for a dry nutty flavor.

Natural - Dried

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1 oz

4 oz
(113 g)

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Grind to a powder with your blender.

500 - 800

We take pride in our small batches; however, this limits the number of crickets that reach maturity each week.  Orders of Natural - Unseasoned crickets placed today will be shipped within two business days.  Orders of Seasoned crickets will be shipped within one week.
Thank you. 


Hesitant to try?  Each customer is allocated one extra-low priced ($5) first time sample bag of 1 oz.  See here for details.

Craft Crickets - Buy Crickets Online

1 oz


Natural - Dried

Natural - Unseasoned

$15.00 + $3.00 shipping = $18.00

Big Bag

250 - 400

Natural -

$25.00 + $3.21 shipping = $28.21


$10.00 + $3.00 shipping = $13.00

1,000 - 1,600

Garlic Paprika - Dried

250 - 400

$10.00 + $3.00 shipping = $13.00

Prices vary by quantity ordered

Natural - Dried

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Our crickets are truly a craft product--small batches, non-industrialized, non-commoditized, creative feed--resulting in a craft taste.  Did you just receive an order of our crickets?  If so, find details on the crickets' life, diet, and sustainability.

Not sure what to do with your crickets...check out our food ideas.