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Seasoning:  Paprika, Garlic, Salt

Flavor Description​: 
Seasoned, salty sunflower seed.  Not spicy.

Uses:  Great on-the-go snack, especially when on a hike or in a hurry.  Or, add as a protein-rich topper to your pizzas or salads.

Availability:  In stock.  Will ship within two business days.

Seasoning:  Chili, Garlic, Onion, Paprika, Cumin, Celery Seed, Oregano, Cayenne

Flavor Description​: 
Mildly spicy, Mexican flavor.  Salt-free.

Uses:   Great as snack or as a meat replacement on tacos.

Availability:  In stock but Craft Crickets on summer holiday.  Will ship in late August.

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New Flavors will be added throughout the year.  Please check back often for new flavors.  Have an idea for a Craft flavor?  Please contact us!

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Limited Release - Craft Cricket Flavors

Seasoning:  Chili, Salt, Orange Zest

Flavor Description​: 
Mildly spicy when consume multiple.

Uses:   Pair with a Mexican beer or mescal.

Availability:  Only available at Belly Taqueria.  Not available for order on website.

Seasoning:  Sugar, Cinnamon

Flavor Description​: 
​Cinnamon cereal with a crunch.  Mild sweetness with only 1g of sugar per bag.

Uses:  Great on-the-go snack, atop your yogurt, or atop a dessert in need of a tasty crunch.

Availability:  In stock.  Will ship within two business days.

Classic - Craft Cricket Flavors


Chili Orange

Seasoning:  Unseasoned

Flavor Description​: 
Sunflower seed.  Very mild.

Uses:  Great protein-rich ingredient to your favorite foods.  As there is minimal taste, the Natural crickets primarily add a crunch to your salads or tacos.  Or, grind for 10 seconds in your food processor and add to your favorite baked goods. 

Availability:  In stock.  Will ship within two business days.  

Crickets may cause crustacean shellfish allergies.  People with shellfish allergies are at a high risk when eating crickets.  Additionally, our crickets are processed in a facility that may also process peanuts and tree nuts.

We offer ready-to-eat dried crickets (gryllodes sigillatus) in either large (4 oz), medium (2 oz), or small (1 oz) bags.  For bulk orders of dried crickets, please contact us directly; we will create specialty, exclusive "Craft" flavors for bulk commitments.

These crickets are grown and processed (by us) in Eugene, Oregon, and our operation is licensed by the Department of Agriculture for human consumption.  We slow bake our crickets, keeping in the nutrients while baking out the moisture, leaving a delicious, protein-packed cricket.  When seasoned, we use no added fats or oils; our crickets don't need extra fats to taste great.

Business Update:  We have moved out of our west Eugene location , and unfortunately will not be producing crickets for sale.  Only limited supplies of Cinnamon Sugar cricketsremain.  We will continue to offer cricket classes and will be producing a growing body of farming  and cooking resources.


Allergen Warning:

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