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I let my eggs sit over the holiday weekend and took a brief look today.  It looks like the plastic has been holding in the humidity very well.  There is a bit of mold but nothing that I couldn’t brush off with a few swipes of the hand.




I have checked my crickets again.  The eggs are still moist.  I haven’t had to add any water to them at all.  They have visibly grown larger over the past two weeks.  I suspect that they will hatch soon.  The mold is more prevalent now.  Asides from some whispy stuff, there is some green mold.  It takes me about five seconds to brush it all up.  It does not look like the mold has penetrated deep into the substrate.

We hit a cold spell in Oregon, and my heat lamp is no longer heating it to 90 degrees; instead, the temperature was 82 when I checked today.  I have lowered the heat lamp a bit so that the eggs will be a bit warmer.

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Checking in on incubating the eggs

 26 November 2017 & 5 December 2017