Cricket Diet

Get all the details of your cricket's life.  How old was s/he?  What did s/he eat? 

You are what you eat, hence you should be able to know what your food ate too.

Cricket Energy Consumption

View the energy used to make your crickets.  Page includes monthly utility usage.

Cricket Cam
Some video highlights of our crickets.

What are we missing?

Tell us if there is something you would like to see.

Craft Crickets - Transparency

Just as you are what you eat, our crickets are what they eat...and you deserve to know specifically what they eat.  At Craft Crickets we make available precisely what our crickets eat--batch by batch--giving you peace of mind that you are only consuming protein grown on the best inputs possible.  Click here to see the specific life-time diet of your batch of crickets.

Our dedication to transparency, doesn't stop at the cricket's diet.     We aim to to be the most transparent company possible.    As our mission is to create a movement around sustainable protein, we cannot have secrets.  We cannot disclose important information from those who want to become part of the movement.

Check this space often to see what we are sharing, and if there is something you would like to see, please just ask!