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How fresh are the crickets?

We all want our food as fresh as possible.  We only harvest enough crickets to fulfill one week's demand, ensuring you receive the freshest crickets possible.

What did the crickets eat?

We like to say that our crickets eat better than we do.  Our crickets eat as local and as nutritious a diet as possible.

Where did their food come from?

Tons of food goes to waste each day: fruit and vegetables left in the field to rot or food which already served one purpose which still has plenty of nutrition (i.e. spent grain left over from brewing or grape seeds left over from wine making).  

We try to divert as much as food as possible.  To us, diverted feed is any feed where if we had not utilized the food, it probably would have gone to a landfill.  Our goal is to achieve 100% diverted feed.

How do these crickets compare, really?

Ultimately, we raise and eat crickets because they require less land, water, and feed to produce the same amount of protein as alternative sources.  The media loves to report this fact, but these news articles often cite lab-produced results.  

We thought we'd make it easy and post the actual numbers that pertain to this specific batch and benchmark it against other protein sources.

At Craft Crickets we want to help you understand your food: Where it comes from, How it was sourced, and the Resources needed to produce it.

Note: the below figures are provided purely for reference.  Unless otherwise stated, all data is self-reported and have not been audited by any external party.  This information should not be taken as any sort of certification.

Cricket Diet - You are more than just what you eat

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