Every cricket farmer struggles in finding a way to provide a constant clean source of water to the crickets but in a way the crickets do not drown.  In this session we discuss the following:

  • ​Tricks to prevent drownings
  • Considerations when selecting water delivery types

Learn to Farm Crickets - Video Tutorials

Class 2 - Starter Crickets

In order for your crickets to thrive, you need an appropriate container/terrarium setup.  In this session we discuss the following:

  • ​Brooder size
  • Escape risks
  • Condominiums (egg cartons vs. cardboard)

We constantly get asked why we raise questions and why we want others to do so.  In this session we discuss the following:

  • ​Environmental benefits of raising crickets
  • Nutritional benefits of raising crickets
  • Ease of raising crickets
  • Cost benefits of raising crickets for either your consumption or your pet's consumption

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Class 5 - Egg laying and incubation

Class 1 - Why raise crickets?

Before you start farming crickets, you need to get starter crickets to build your flock.  In this session we discuss the following:

  • ​Cricket species.  Acheta domesticus vs. Gryllodes sigillatus
  • Obtaining starter species
  • Potential regulations

You can't be a cricket farmer if you don't incubate cricket eggs.  In this video we discuss such topics as:

  • Learn to tell when your crickets are ready to lay eggs
  • Prepare your substrate
  • Maintain your substrate moist during incubation
  • Incubation periods

Class 3 - Brooder Setup

Class 4 - Water

In order to create a real movement to change America's protein, we need more people farming crickets, both for their personal use and for commercial uses.  Watch our comprehensive video series to learn from all of the mistakes we have made since we started farming.  We share a lot of information so are breaking the tutorial into multiple videos.  If there is content you would like to see, please tell us.  We will be adding videos frequently, so subscribe to our YouTube channel to make sure you don't miss any new videos.