Introduction to Cricket Farming - On site class

We are rolling out a complete "Backyard Cricket Farming" curriculum which includes video tutorials, photo diagrams, and financial models (for potential commercial growers).  Please check this space for updates.  

Farming Tutorial Video Page:  In-depth how-to video guide to farming crickets.  In it, we share all the learnings we have made since we started farming, hence this is a much more thorough and comprehensive series than the typical How To videos on YouTube.

Backyard Cricket Farming Blog:  Track our progress as we grow crickets in our backyard.  This blog also serves as a written tutorial on how to farm crickets small-scale in your personal residence.

Farming Analytical Tools:  Interested in starting a commercial farm?  We provide models which act as a starting point for understanding some of the various financial drivers associated with cricket farming.  Basic models are free and more involved models require payment.

Click here to download our new eCookbook.

Introduction to Cricket Farming - Online Resources

What: Learn all you need--from heating to feeding to harvesting--to start your own backyard cricket farm and receive free materials to get your farm started.  Sessions are free, open to anyone interested, and take from 1 to 2 hours, depending on participation level.  Class sizes are limited to 5 people.

Cost:  FREE!  Please register to secure place.

Location:​  Classes are held at our backyard farm in Eugene, OR where we grow small batches of crickets for our personal use.  Directions to our farm will be shared when you sign up for a class.  Unfortunately, we are no longer holding courses at our cricket warehouse in West Eugene but are delighted to host you in our backyard.

Next Date:​ 
January 10th

Additional dates posted on registration page.

Registration:  Please register to secure your place in an upcoming class.  A 100% refundable deposit is required to hold your place in the class.

In order to create a real movement to change America's protein, we need more people farming crickets, both for their personal use and for commercial uses.  We offer free cricket farming resources to help more people catch the cricket farming bug.  

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