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Address:  ​Find at the Lane County Farmer's Market or at

Get your protein in your fusilli from our favorite artisan pasta maker. 

Interested in ordering some Craft Crickets at a restaurant or in purchasing a product that incorporates Craft Crickets?  Check out the below establishments.

Craft Crickets - Restaurants and Food Products

Address:  ​31115 Crossroads Ln W,   Eugene, OR

Get a wood fired pizza topped with crickets.  Nothing beats enjoying your Craft Crickets with some of Oregon's best craft beer.

Address:  ​454 Willamette St,   Eugene, OR

Get an exclusive flavor of Craft Crickets served as a bar snack at our favorite Eugene taqueria.  The crickets pair great with a mezcal.


Are you interested in serving crickets at your establishment?  If so, contact us to receive our wholesale rates!

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