Who needs croutons or pepitas when you can have a high protein cricket?  The natural nutty flavor of a cricket complements all green salads.

On salad and salmon

Crickets atop Yogurt
​We recommend Cinnamon Sugar crickets


Pairing your whole Craft Crickets

Spinach cricket pizza with a mojito


Pizza Toppers

Salsa and/or Guacamole

Chapulines (grasshoppers)  paired with guacamole

Add some protein and crunch to your favorite soft cheese.  Pairs particularly well with goat cheeses.

Cheeses, particularly soft cheeses

Salad Toppers

Crickets are the ultimate protein to put atop your pizza.  Try your favorite seasoned cricket to make the perfect complement; we like adding Garlic Paprika.

Atop salad

Sprinkled atop our favorite local salsa

In Oaxaca, Mexico, grasshoppers are seasoned with chili and lime and served plain or with salsa and guac.  The same can be done with Craft Crickets.  If eating with a strong salsa, the crickets will primarily add a crunch as the flavor will be over powered. 

Our Natural and Seasoned Craft Crickets are great to eat paired with other foods, adding a high protein crunch to some of your favorite foods.  Below are some of our favorite ways to eat the Whole cricket.  Have a suggestion or photo, please contact us!